HOT AIR BALLOONS ~ An Acrostic 3 3 8 Sonnet



HIGH IN THE SKY ~ They fly

ONLY Hot Air ~ No need to ask why ?

THEY were the First Men to Fly !


AIR ?  Cheap available ~ everywhere

I just light my Burner with care

FILL my Balloon and I\'m up in the Air


BALLOONS are all shapes and sizes

AT a Rally your shape can win prizes

LOOK up in the air ~ all Life is there


ONLY GOD knows what will be next

ORANGUTAN ~ Octopus ~ Tyrannus Rex

NOTHING\'S forbidden ~ unless it\'s obscene

SAW on that looked like Her Majesty Queen !


Thanks for flying ~ comments welcome ~ BRIAN XOX


Flying up and down the Grand Canyon (USA) is 

fun ~ BUT in the basket of a HOT AIR BALLOON

you are as free as a Bird with a wonderful Bird\'s

Eye View ~ Astronauts have said its cooler than

Space Travel.  If you\'ve never has a trip in a Hot

Air Balloon ~ then book one tdomorrow it\'s only

about £50 ($65) and well worth every cent ! 


I hope the video gives you some idea of what it\'s

like to be UP UP & AWAY in a Magical Balloon !