The Soft and Broken Heart

Who\'s heart is that?

I think I know

Its owner is quite and sad though. Has been through a lot. It really is a tale of woe, I watch her cry. While he didn\'t see that she gave him everything He gave her heart a shake and made her sobbed until there were no more tears The only other sound\'s she heard that night, was the sound of her own heartbreaking. While she lied on her bed crying quietly in the night. The soft fragile heart finally is broken, one night and she said it was enough. She had gone through enough pain. She finally realized that the promises he promised to keep, had been broken from the start. Now she is free of a darkness that everyone blames her for getting herself into.Only if they knew what he really did to her. Now he is the one that cannot sleep through the night. He lies in bed weeping finally realizing what he had lost. An angel that tried to save him from his own Darkness. Now he rises from his bitter bed, with thoughts of sadness in his head, he idolizes being dead. What he forgets is so did she Did to every day in their relationship, he was nothing but poison and he did nothing to try to fix it. While she did everything to make him happy, to save him. Now he faces the days without her feeling never-ending dread like she did. Like she did.


Like she did.