Ascents Acclaimings

Tune: Gwalchmai

(\'King of glory, King of peace\')


Psalm 121 v.1-2

I will lift my eyes to hills

Peace, my heart stills

From whence comes my help, it be

From the LORD, see

He which made heaven and earth

We give Him worth

In our praises, in our songs

Amidst great throngs


Psalm 122 v.6-7

Pray for peace of the city

[Jeru]Salem it be

They shall prosper that love you

And thrive anew

Peace be now within your walls

Palaces, halls

Prosperity there within

All free from sin


Psalm 124 v.7-8

Our soul escaped as a bird

We the LORD heard

Out of snare and out of trap

Bondage did snap

Snare broken and we escaped

Enemies gaped

Our help is in the LORD\'s name

He of great fame


Psalm 126 v.1-2

When the LORD, captivity

Did for us, see

Turn, then we like them that dream

Unreal did seem

But then we did laugh and sing

Praises Him bring

For even the heathen said

The LORD them led


Psalm 126 v.4

Turn us again, LORD, we pray

Hear us this day

Bring back captives, so they shall

Inhabit well

Their homeland, and be as springs

To you each sings

As springs refresh in the south*

So tells each mouth


Psalm 127 v.4-5

Happy they blessed in the land

Under God\'s hand

With blessing of family

Plenty here see

Children as arrows they be

Shall consult free

At town gates for judgements true

And justice too


* \'The south\' - The Negev is a large desert area in Southern Israel.

The people water the land, as it were, and are as springs.