Listen to the wind

Close your eyes and hear the bells ring

Hear the thunder and lightning sing

Listen to the wind


Feel the softness of a raindrop

Feel free as the pain stops

Be beautiful be bold

You no longer must do what you’re told


Stand under the bright mysterious moon

And know that happiness is coming soon

You’ll have your happily ever after

And your life will be filled with friends and laughter


Listen to the echo of the thunder and lightning

Feel the rain hit harder as though it were biting

Close your eyes and feel your tears form

While you stand inside the storm

The rain is beautiful and cold

It falls and its story is told

The beauty of the rain

IS that it takes away all your pain


Maybe just for a second or an hour

But for that bit of time you have the power

 Forget all of your strife

And remember there is a reason for your life


Close your eyes, listen to the wind

Here the tails that it will spin

Feel the rain drops hit your lashes

Let out a breath as the pain passes


Life is more than it seems

After all it is a dream with a dream

Whenever you feel pain

Wish for a little rain

It’ll wash it all away

And your happiness will stay