I was admiring a lovely flower, it was inspiring because of it\'s elegant power, it\'s magnificent design and this is how it was defined in my mind.

Such a lovely flower born of a beautiful but harsh planet to be empowered not taken for granted.

A gorgeous Rose splendidly clothed, wonderful wit, bright, sun lit, just plane exquisite.

Decendent of a special seed envied by haughty weeds, only out to do dirty deeds. By putting on a false face in an attempt to envade your space because your very essence they want to erase and take your place.

They see your physique slender, sleek, they notice you\'re meek so they think you\'re weak, so to speak.

But through the rain, through the storms even as the buggers swarm they wonder how you are able to remain such a gracious art form.

When in full bloom you light up the entire room taking away the gloom, making the weeds fume, for they can only assume.

As your awesome shades cascade, I must concur they are all different but beautiful colors.

While styling and profiling, it\'s amazing how you keep \'em smiling and the way you react not with unkindness but with tact, I\'d say you\'re quite abstract.

Which makes the haughty weeds scoff, saying you are a bit of a show off. Nevertheless in your elegant dress you\'re just picturesque.

And that\'s without a doubt but wait a minute, just who are what am I writing about?