I have family and I have friends,

I\'m young but I know life ends.


Death doesn\'t pick according to age; 

Life\'s actors from the stage.


Doesn\'t care about different races,

Blind to the look of dying faces.


From my family it\'s been fast and slow.

Taken a lot of people I don\'t know.


Grown men alone and by the score,

Children by the ones who should adore.


Endlessly we hurt each other,

Stranger to stranger, brother to brother.


Swearing through God that we\'re in the right.

Yet he aches for us to see the light.


How can we think this is what He meant to be?

With all His love, He hurts to see.


When will we ever learn?

Peace of heart forever yearn?


Heed the warning. Hear the call.

Hope for the future. Love for all.