Shay Black

For Her

I can\'t see a thing,

without my sturdy glasses, 

She just tries to hear,

every word that passes,

I just like to stare,

At her pretty face,

But every time i do,

She smiles and turns away.


She just wants to hear,

about my gruesome days,

I just need to know,

Why I feel this way,

Because I love her so,

and she’s starting to learn,

that every day I fall,

deeper, my heart burns.


I sit at night sometimes,

thinking of how to say,

that if she left my life,

I’d never be the same,

because of one thing,

oh, it’s very dear to me,

she loves what I don’t,

but she helps the blind to see.


I told her once my power,

If i were to choose,

was slowing down time,

but that’s just old news.

Now I have to choose again,

there’s lots I must to consider,

I’d still slow down time,

But spend every moment with her.