The truth is

The truth is

The truth is you touched me in a way, that no one has before.

You caught me off guard and knocked me off my feet.

The truth is I’ve never felt so in love, not a single thought not involving you.

My life without you is unimaginable.

The truth is its beginning to feel one sided

One giving more and receiving less than they deserve.

The truth is, its hard to love when its not reciprocated.

When you make a gesture of affection and its not fully returned.

The truth is, im not sure if this love is complete.

We don’t talk as much as id like, we don’t express our love in the same way.

The truth is this love is making me feel defeat.

Im not able to think properly, not able to comprehend where I stand.

The truth is this love… once made me feel whole, but now I feel incomplete.

The truth is you changed my life for the better and the worse.

The truth is, I know you love me, but aren’t able to express it and return.

We have our perfect moments but the fights are getting worse.

The truth is……..

Is it worth it, more damaging and painful as it goes on.

The truth is, I feel anger, more so than I feel loved

The truth is I love you, but I cant love you anymore