A Friend of Mine

there is a friend of mine

who knows when some thing\'s wrong

they never think I\'m paranoid

or my panic doesn\'t belong

my other friends don\'t like them

they say they aren\'t on my side

but my Anxiety supports me

and together we are allied

sometimes yes, they are too drastic

but mostly I can stand it

and if it ever gets too much

I have ways that I can handle it

now my Anxiety has its own friend

one I can\'t understand

one that makes me think darker thoughts

they keep canceling things I\'ve planned

they make me view things differently

from how they once appeared

and they point out things to Anxiety

things I \"should have feared\"

and now Anxiety and their friend

work perfect as a team,

that is, to help me hate myself

and shred my self-esteem.