Poetic Dan

To the end. From the spark of life

So many emotions have been flying around
Five weeks ago I was told by a faint line
That a spark has happened and created life
From that time I\'ve had to question my mind

Am I the person that can help guide this being
When I still get lost in the sadness of my other two children
Is the connection stronger than before
As to make the same mistake means I learned nothing from my first fall

My marriage was ment to last through the good and bad
Lifes lesson soon showed me that not everything goes to plan
Sometimes you have to understand when letting go is better than holding on

Now from the angry young man that wanted to leave this land
Seeing only violence and pain from the family I had
Having to walk the street thinking why did they give me life
Still in this moment I\'ll never forget what my soul told me \"if you ever have children, never let them feel this\"

I try to show my children they are more than loved
For as they grew, I did too. Learning from each other all the things we never knew
This is the reason they are here, so I can improve

To be father that I am trying to be
To always give love and inspiration
Never hate or Condemnation
Breaking this cycle from generations

I\'m writing this so it\'s not just with me and the universe
That I know it\'s been touch and go with the creation of a new life
In last two weeks I\'ve been shown that things may not go right
I know the plan is the plan and what will be will be
But I\'m already greatful to the nearly six week old being
To appreciate what I\'ve got that nothing is missing and I\'ll only be blessed with more if you make it into this dimension
This lesson came from you my beautiful little spark
This is something I should of know from the start
I guess we can all be guilty of not seeing what\'s right in front of us.

This was written a week ago and now we are sure
You didn\'t make this time to join our lives
I\'ve Reread my words while adding some more
To truly remind myself of how beautiful we all are
That this isn\'t all backwards, it\'s right from the start
We come as pure light to experience what we do
Then appreciate what we liked and pass it on through
For the inner calling for us all is peace on this earth.