You picked her.

When you told her she was beautiful I just knew,
When you made her feel like she was the only one for you,
The way you used to make me feel,
The things you used to say to me,
So I knew, this is your way,
To get her to love you,
It took me a while to open up,
But once it’s there I would never give up,
You saw a chance and right there you took it,
When you spoke of her, it hit like a bullet,
I just can’t stop,
I just can’t stop thinking about it,
The way you would’ve smiled at her,
The way you would’ve touched her,
Everything about her,

I can’t stop thinking about it,
Because I know she’s better,
And to think that you thought that,
It makes me shiver,
To think that you thought what’s the point,
To think that I wasn’t special,
I wasn’t the most beautiful to you anymore,
But I guess I never was,
You flirted,
You lied,
Your eyes,
They hide,
The truth,
It’s killing me,
But I already knew,
I didn’t have to prove myself,
You already knew I had nothing to prove,
When I saw those intimate messages,
My skin started to crawl,
Do you love me I thought,
Do you need me,
This is torture,
This is in humane,
I can’t ever look at you the same way again,
That trust was lost,
When you said what you said,
Those few words which my ears bled,
Just from the sheer pain of hearing that sound,
You are not the one for me,
You are not my world anymore,
It’s not like you said it either,
You didn’t say a word,
My own conclusion,
It seems absurd,
For you felt pity for me,
You manifest in to silence,
But silence is screaming, telling ME to keep trying,
It killed me to ask you for another chance,
It killed me to ask for your hand,
You didn’t want to hurt me anymore,
You whispered softly,
I choked on your words and I turned away peacefully,
I couldn’t even look at you,
I didn’t want you to see,
All the pain you had just caused me,
I would never want you to feel that pain,
Knowing that you’re indeed the source,
I tried to change myself,
To make YOU happy,
I did everything to make you see,
How much I wanted you here with me,
I said I could try and put it behind,
Lock in a box and throw away the key,
But I can never forget,
But I can forgive,
When you hurt me,
I did nothing wrong,
I know this now,
Everything you would say, I would allow,
But I know you still talk to her,
You still think she’s beautiful,
And she is,
The most beautiful,
The most intelligent,
The most perfect,
So of course I see,
Why you called her beautiful and forgot about me,