Ian Primmer

\"My Forever\"


I knew from the moment that I first saw you, life alone would be more than two, home again and fractured no more, two sets of foot prints along the shore, I yearn no longer, with your breath on my face, a lifetime ahead that’s full of grace, there is no telling what the future will hold, as we walk together through fields of gold, our hearts ring true, are rich in lathered, in front of the priest, we both gathered, among family and friends, never to forget, riding off together under the sunset, with many years to come, our future is bright, real love alone never felt so right, your beautiful, your smart, I could long for no other, an amazing wife and incredible mother, I cherish every moment, and every new day, a love so strong that could never tear away, and on this journey, our sweet endeavor, to me, you’ll always be – MY forever.