Why i do I have this overpowering urge,
Every day of my life to binge and purge.

Why can\'t I just wake up one day,
Enjoy eating food without dismay.

Why can\'t I remember how it feels to be free,
Of whatever the hell this is inside of me.

Why do I crave eating food fast as fuck,
And running to the toilet to puke my guts up.

Why does my mind switch to another zone,
With me needing to be absolutely alone.

Why am I edgy with this constant itch,
Destroying my life, bulimia you bitch. 

Why is this day another bad day again,
Why do I live constantly masking this pain.

Why can\'t I knock it, get on top,
Why can\'t I ever just fully stop.

Why my brain, was I born this way,
Will I live like this until my dying day.

Why can\'t people\'s love and support, or any tablet that i take,
Fix this horrible part of broken me for goodness sake.

Why? Why me? Why? God damn it, WHY?
It\'s just not fair, fuck i could cry!