Izzi Lynn

Four Apocalyptic Horsemen With No Horses

FAMINE has hungry eyes / dark eyes / eyes that don\'t blink / and she consumes / is hungry and determined to eat what makes her human / holds her heart in her hands / struggles not to swallow it whole / wants to devour all her nightmares / but can\'t eat anything but her dreams

PESTILENCE has hands with calluses on them / carves his grades into his arms / has paper cuts on his fingers / and locusts in his head / always yearning for his blood / and demons fighting fighting fighting to escape him / but he holds them in / and pretends he doesn\'t feel charcoal swelling inside him like a river / of disease

WAR is made of pain and glory / slips her tongue over her teeth / thinks they should be sharper / forgets how to sleep sometimes / has hands always bruised / from trying to hit walls harder then they hit her / and she\'s got so much anger inside her / it spills over into her homework / like a torrent of righteous fury / and her teachers worry  / because this girl / she terrifies them / she\'s got hunger inside her / and they don\'t know what she\'s capable of

DEATH has Da Vinci\'s mind / has Einstein\'s mind / has Faraday\'s mind / has Van Gogh\'s mind / and it whispers / scream / he walks to the forest / the villagers say it reflects your soul / and sees nothing but a mist / he wanders through his home / like a frail ghost / listless and wondering when he\'ll become a bird and transcend / listless and thinks / a car crash wouldn\'t be so bad / at least i wouldn\'t have to go to school / listless and stands in the rain for two hours / haunting his own body / every day passes by / heavier then the last / the bed stays unmade / the curtains stay closed / the walls rot around him / and still he drifts / how much longer / how much longer / how much longer