The Fair Priscilla

A simple box of chocolates
Wrappers glistening
Licked clean of the evidence
Sparkling silver foil reflecting light across the room
Outer layers in a variety of vibrant colours
And on the simple silver lid a note
\"My love,
My darling
Forever yours
I will always cherish our lovely love
But that will always be
Forever yesterday
Forgotten memories
Fading times
Fair well
Fair Priscilla\"
The note ink run and tear stained.
Placed beside the box of broken dream
Laid a wine glass
Red liquid resting in the curve
Smudged lipstick around the rim
And a damp
Makeup stained
Nervously shredded
Angrily crumpled
And compassionately unwrinkled
Tissue resting underneath
And beside that
The fair Priscilla