The Writing In The Air

This piece is fiction,

but imagine that it were true.

Imagine this was in your city,

and it happened to you.

A murder happened.

They call it racially motivated.

The killer was free of all charges.

Now the country is full of hatred.

The devil begins,

to manifest himself,

through others,

as they begin to take to the streets.

They all yell cries,

and wave picket signs,

and yell hateful things,

at the police.

It starts to get out of control,

as bottles are being thrown.

Police shoot back with tear gas,

when there was so much confussion,

no one really knew,

who threw the first blow.

Now it is urban warfare.

Gangs see this,

as an opportunity.

Through all the commotion, 

people are getting robbed,

without caring,

it\'s their city that they\'re ruining.

People scream, and dogs bark.

Guns sound as it starts to get dark.

The night glows,

but not from all the stars.

Instead it glows orange,

from the burning buildings,

and people are smashing cars.

Innocent by-standards,

are being put behind bars.

Homeless people,

have no where to go.

Weak and hungry,

They are vulnerable and exposed.

News cameras from the ground,

and helicopters in the sky,

give false reports,

as the whole country now takes sides.

So where is the victim\'s

family in all of this.

Do those involved even remember,

why they were waving their fists.

Now the outcome,

of the racially dead,

is more racially dead,

and those that know the Lord,

look down in shame,

as they shake their head.

Finally, the flames die out,

as the smoke begins to hover,

and it forms the words,

covering the city,