My shadow is something that should not be fucked with,
My shadow is not a lie, a story, a simple myth.
It lurks around and smirks so slight,
It whispers within my ear about what wasn’t right.
Pulling at my emotions and tied by a chain,
Force-feeding me drugs to rid of the pain.
The demon scratches at my back while I attempt to sleep,
It forces out every secret I’ve always tried to keep.
‘Everyone is looking at you’ they chant in my head,
‘Nobody wants you, your parents wish you were dead.’
‘But oh sweet child I’m here for you, the only one,
Because none of your friends like you, your life is done,
But I will shield your soft face for the horror of life,
I will save you by putting you under the knife.’
Gazing into my eyes is a dark faceless shell of a being,

Because sadness is the only thing you shall ever be seeing.