War Poem - Tear Of A Child

I do not know when mom will return
I wait here for the promise that I was given 
I am waiting for my food 
I hear people crying 
And I can’t go outside as I’m alone

I hear the thunder of jets
The sound of bombs hitting the ground
I am really afraid as to what I should do 
I really think I should go out 
But I can’t break the promise I gave

I feel the hunger rising 
And the pain of my bleeding legs 
I have been waiting for 3 days now 
I really wonder why mom hasn’t returned

Now I know… 
I see my mom dressed in white 
I see her smiling at me 
Oh, how I wish! 
Wish I could join her soon 
Just like she has joined with dad and my brother
I only wish to die 
Only then I will be saved from this hell