Vibrant colours!

This little girl that didn\'t know how to love.

how would she go one being alone in this already dark and cold world. She thought.

when her oh so cold world was warmed with love and she found someone to hold her dear.

her world that was so cold, the world that was so clouded seem almost all too clear.

she began to see things differently to before, Hear differently to before and even feel differently. 


That heart that she thought couldn\'t beat; began to beat again as she felt that tear run down her face.

Not a tear of sadness.

but a tear of joy.

her first of many for she had found what she had been looking for.


That boy, Oh that mysterious boy that made her feel this way. this alien feeling that made her feel more human than before. 

the way he looks at her, the way he smiles so gently.

The way he touches her ever so slightly although it makes her whole world shake. 

these little insignificant movements that meant the world to her. 

all the things she missed out on before.


He taught her her worth and he taught her how to live that life she idolised in her mind that made her that trapped little girl that she knew she was.


That little girl, like a flower that waited peacefully for the sun after the rain, finally began to bloom. 

And now all she sees is vibrant colours in her life.