Shahla Latifi

Blue Sky

I wish you met me

When the sky was always blue

When the trees,

The starry nights,

The scent of apple blossoms

Were fresh like the youthful me


I wish you met me

When my heart was filled with dreams

When my lips were full of happiness

When my skin was fresh as a daisy in the spring


I wish you met me

When my skirt grazed against the sunflowers in fun-filled summer

When my eyes were ablaze with autumn colors

When my hands glittered with snow


 I wish you met me

When my heart was as wild as the wind

So I could look to you for guidance

In the quietness of the night;

And as I was turning cold with despair,

I could lean on you with cherished dreams of delight




I get gloomy with life’s events

I wonder

How would my life be different with you


Shahla Latifi

June 3rd, 2018