A Cloud\'s Voice

How would it feel,

To run my fingers

through your skin?

Would it feel damp like

The crystalline liquid

gushing from my faucet sink,

Or would it feel sticky like

The pool of blood

Escaping from my body

As I reach up to the sky,

And cry out--



Why do you cry cloud?

Is it because we stole

What you spent a lifetime

Collecting, particle by particle,

Droplet by droplet until

You were so full you burst,

Showering us with your own blood?

Or was it your grief?

I do not know but

I want to.


Do you mean to be a provider,

A mother to the lands below

Your withering feet?

Where does your love end

And your sorrow begin?


Will you tell us when

You have shed your last

Tear, and looked to the sky,

Vanishing without a whisper?

I want to hear your story,

Consume your pain

As I swallow your  blood,

Relishing in your courage,

Dreaming, someday,

Will you tell me,

Why you cry?