How to be a Brother

I don’t know what it’s like to have a real brother

I tell you this I’m truly eager to find out 

I’m sorry I was never there to annoy you

In your room, wearing your cloths making you shout

It’s a shame dad died when we were young 

And left us scattered in the wind

It would have been great to grow up next to you

United brothers unbreakable kin

We barely know each other and it’s a shame

Wish I knew what you were really like

Wish I could have stole your girlfriends 

Wish you would have stolen my bike

You look just like our father 

It still seems surreal

My girl just laughes at me 

Wondering what’s the big deal

But I think you know 

And I hope your proud of me 

Because I do everything in my power

To touch the soul of everyone around me 


LukeCoomer ©