Hopeful Help

Tune: Monks Gate

(\'He who would valiant be\')


Psalm 40 v.1-2

I did patiently wait

Here for the LORD, great

Was His help unto me

He looked, did me see

And He did hear my cry

To me He did draw night

Brought me from horror pit

Upon rock I sit


Psalm 40 v.5

Many, O LORD God, they be

Your wonders I see

The works which you have done

They be fine, each one

Your thoughts that are toward

Us, we cannot, our LORD

Count them, if we did try

We cannot descry (describe them all)


Psalm 41 v.10-11

Show, LORD, to me mercy

Raise me, and me free

From my troubles, so be

I quench enemy

Which taunt me, seek my ill

And wish plans to fulfil

They shall not o\'ercome me

For you my LORD be


Psalm 42 v.5

Why you cast down, my soul?

The LORD makes you whole

Why disquieted within?

Hope in God herein

For you shall yet Him praise

He shall help you, upraise

His countenance on you

Be shown you anew


Psalm 43 v.3

Send out your truth and light

Dispelling the night

Let them lead me unto

Your holy hill view

And to your dwelling place

Where we your merits trace

Tabernacles of grace

For all of each race