Ian Primmer

Ruby Ridge


There’s a fine line between government and privacy, the kind of line that destroys a society, a bullet a day, takes everything away, a fight for freedom that digs our grave, unnecessary no less, with bullets to the chest, an embarrassed agency refuses to rest, we are safe in our homes, at least so we’re told, while trespassing for nothing, makes a move that’s so bold, the loud flash bang, and the warmth from her blood, it took her a moment to realize what it was, a mother who’s past with a brother less blast, it happened so quick, just way to fast, we thought we could live with peace to ourselves, it’s them who’ve made this all about themselves, not a nickel a day, can bring back nor take away, we all would give anything not to re-live this day, not a flick nor flinch, no smile, not a gap to bridge, only a remembrance of life on the Ridge.