Depression and Fidelity

A screeching chaos surrounds us as our plane falls from the sky.
I can\'t hear anything except your mournful cries,
I can\'t see beyond the terror of your face
until the oxygen slips from it\'s quiet home
and I slip it over your nose and mouth.
I feel you breathe an impossibly deep breath.

Our survival is far from secure
as the plane rips apart in the ocean.
I clamber over the wreckage to locate it,
yanking at every piece of rubber and fabric
until I find the bright yellow vests,
I clumsily inflate one over your exhausted body
just as I was carelessly trained to do. 

We lose and regain hope with each toss of the waves,
you are my priority now. 
I can\'t keep the sharks of your soul from circling below,
but I will keep you afloat to give you a fighting chance.

The rescue boat is distant at first, it feels miles away. 
I will push, pull, and drag you as best I can.
You need to see it too, if you can\'t all could be lost.
You need to kick your feet, If you won\'t, all is lost.

Safely on board, we slide into comfort and rumination.
The light of the sun feels warmer and brighter now
because of the darkness that enveloped us.
We are vitalized,
someday we may understand the key to unlocking human vitality
is to lose it once in a while.
It\'s too soon for all that now.

If that darkness gently ensnares us again, 
we will remember our times solemnly adrift
and strain to feel the warmth of the light that is waiting for us just beyond the next wave.

Side by side, you will never sink alone.