Not ready to say goodbye


I\'m lying here in this hospital bed
I can hear what the doctors say
Telling my family, time has ended
That I won\'t live pass today
But I got news for them
I\'m not ready to say goodbye
I just need a little rest
Don\'t worry, I\'m not going to die
I\'m to tired to open my eyes
To weak to show a sign
But just wait a little while
And I will show you , that I\'m fine
My family is here surrounding me
Telling me how much they care
I wish I was strong enough
To wake up, say boo,give them a scare
I think I will just lay here quietly
And listen to their praise
When their not looking i sneek
A peek at their familar face
I guess who will call or come
And who will still make an excuse
Don\'t they realize they hurt me
And I don\'t deserve this abuse
They will find the money for the funeral
Come see me when it\'s too late
Why can\'t you find the time now
Before the option is taken away with fate
No it\'s not funny, I\'m really sick
I\'m not playing some kind of game
But since you bothered to call or come
I my as well enjoy it just the same
I hear I love you, miss you
I can\'t help like hearing how I\'m loved
Their only telling me now, because
they think I\'m fixing to see the FATHER above
Normally life takes over
And their to busy to visit me
Only when it\'s life or death
Do they make time to call or come see
With the doctor scaring them
Family and friends start to call
Some I haven\'t heard from for years
Some I haven\'t meet at all
So don\'t get mad, if I milk this
Take joy in their attention
Don\'t tell them my secret
How I arrange my own visitation
It\'s really not my fault
If family would come more often
I wouldn\'t have to worry them
The next time they\'d see me is in a coffin
Yes, I have a weird sense of humor
You\'d know that if you came
I will do anything, to see them
If you were lonely, you\'d do the same
Yes, they get upset
Yes, I make them worry
But your looking at the wrong person
If you want me to say,I\'m sorry
An older person has to do
Whatever to get a visit from family
It\'s their fault they don\'t come
So don\'t put the blame on me
So when the doctor calls you
Come visit me, but don\'t you cry
Because I just want to see you
I\'m not ready to say goodbye
Written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins