Horror And Fear - A Very Dark Poem

What\'s all this Orchi?

A departure from your usual style?

Didn\'t think you liked \'dark\' poems much?



Oohh, be scared, be very scared!

Nope, not tales of demons or ghosties

But worse - probably....


But why Orchi? Why all this fretting?

Cos--- I\'m about to sing!

Get ya ear-plugs

Or turn up ya radio to drown me out!


Oh yes, it\'s worse than \'Eastenders\'

(A ghastly soap serial on telly in the UK)

You won\'t know though - 

Is it me or two cats fighting?


Ya won\'t be able to bear it long

It\'ll drive ya insane

Torment ya day and night

Cos I\'m gonna do

A 24 hour marathon-sing!



Now look, Orchi, it can\'t be that bad

You\'ve not even marked this as \'18+\'

Give it a whirl!


Ok - \'The hills are alive......\'

Just call me Julie (Andrews)

Call me anything within reason

But don\'t call me Edith

Dunno why Edith -  just random!


How much more of this inane babbling is there, Orchi?

Well, I\'ll finish now

I\'m available for concerts, shows, solos, etc

Don\'t ya know?!

And I best put this sherry down now

And have a pork pie or three!

And then tell ya a tale or two about 1066!


Yeah, yeah, Orchi!

(He means well, ya know! heehee)

Wot - you\'re gonna sub-title this poem:

\'Ramblings of a madman\'!