Paphos Embrace

Paphos Embrace

I look out to sea and perceive you;
Soft focused eyes, moist mouth.
Your words are magic music,
Like musk they move my mind.

You glide gently towards me;
Gown falling to glistening waves.
Your eyes glow of meadow green,
Your hair gleams of ethereal gold.

With scents that scintillate senses
You seduce and secure submission.
Feather soft skin in warm succulence
Enthrals as hungry fingers roam.

My strident want waxes proudly;
Kissed deftly by silken lips.
You rise and set above me,
Wine-wet and wide open.

With piercing joy unbridled
We fly on love\'s sweet euphoria.
Then lie together laughing
As I awaken to find you gone.