Then Excuse My Behavior

An old friend recently said to me,

\'That is good,

that you are a Christian.

I respect that you want,

to change your life.

Still, why are you always preaching?

You act as if you are perfect.

No body cares,

what you have to say.

In fact, most people,

do not even want,

to HEAR what you have to say\'.

So for those want to know -

for those who need to know,

I do it for those,

who are looking for answers.

I do it for those,

who want a better life for themselves.

I do it for those,

who do not understand prayer,

who do not understand the Bible,

who thinks that there,

is a, \'catch\', to God\'s salvation.

I do it for the little kids,

with little education.

I do it for the kids,

who has no one else to turn to.

I do it for those,

who are truely being treated,

unfairly by police officers.

I do it for the police officers,

truely fighting the good fight.

I speak the gospel,

for the few honest people,

in this world.

I speak for those,

who are homeless.

We need to let them know,

that somebody loves them.

I spread the word,

on behalf of the prostitutes,

that cry every night.

I do it for the drug dealers,

who sometimes wish,

THEY would die.

I do it for those,

wanting to commit suicide.

I do it for the kids,

with disabilities,

who still believe in God.

To the kids being bullied,

and to the women being beaten,

who feel insignificant,

God is watching you.

He created you.

I do it because,

there are those who claim,

to be spreading the gospel,

and who claim,

to fight the good fight,

but do not do it,

in the name of the Lord.

Not only do I do it,

because I am obligated,

to speak the truth.

I also receive,

a strong satisfaction from it.

I am not a preacher.

I do not have a microphone.

Still, if what I am doing is wrong,

then excuse my behavior,

and if you choose not to,

then I will excuse myself.