I probably won\'t laugh at your jokes

So Jenny please
Don\'t visit me
I only told someone yesterday
No I don\'t believe in ghosts my friend
For I have never seen one in the flesh
But jenny if you visit me
Id be a liar and a mess.
I don\'t need a visit from a past
I\'m trying my hardest to forget
It\'s not anything you did wrong
It\'s 99% in my head
But that\'s where I live now
About two thirds of the time
In a little farmhouse down by the lake
on the carousel of my mind

Oh Jenny please
don\'t visit me
I\'m not sure you\'d like what you see
My hair has grown and I wear different clothes
Though I\'m not quite sure what they mean
I\'m in a transition of style and I probably won\'t laugh at your jokes
I\'m taking life way too seriously for a little while
at least until I\'m out of this hole

So Jenny if you visit me
I can\'t be arsed to pretend to be
interested in stories of way back when
I was in a dark place and you were my only friend
I\'m aware that makes me sound a bit of a prick
But life\'s too short to care
you\'re better off without me
and me without you
because all we are to eachother is the glue
that forever keeps us here
when there\'s to much to see and to much to do
Everywhere out there.