Alicia Gail Lightsey


There’s something within me that words can’t express

Something so wonderful fills me with joy and happiness

It’s greater than the world and more precious than gold

More desirable than diamonds makes my life feel so whole

There’s no doubt in my mind that He lives in you

If you look deep in your heart you’ll find that it’s true

He’s a light shining bright through the darkness He shines

He’s Honor, He’s Glory, He’s yours and He’s mine

He’s our Lord and Savior; He’s Grace and Mercy too

Just give Him your problems He will fix them for you

I remember a long time ago when I was just a child

Jesus came into my life, He made living worth while

See I was confused, I was hurt and alone

He gave me His hand and the strength to walk on

My eyes filled with tears, didn’t know which way to go

His love healed my hurt and He told me to grow

When my dreams felt far away and unachievable

He whispered in my ear and said all things are possible

What a great and mighty God we worship what a loving God we serve

His love and mercy is much greater than we even deserve

When you’ve lost your way and feel like giving up DON’T

God is always with you and abandon you He WON’T

He will call you by your name and you’ll know that it’s Him

God\'s children recognize His voice that’s how He finds them

When the world seems unkind and friends seem so few

You can always count on Jesus to carry you through

You hold your head high and you look straight ahead

You’re a child of the King and by His spirit you are led

He feels all your sadness He feels your pain too

Jesus knows everything that you are going through

He will carry you across the widest valley, across the ocean so deep

Through the darkest days of your life your soul He will keep

He will wipe the tears from your eyes give you joy once again