Things that go BOO round the bends

A quiet and meek young woman

Who minds her own business at work

Has turned into a shivering wreck

She\'s gonna go nutty and berserk !


The culprit hides around the corners

Waiting quietly to attack and to pounce 

All it takes is one quick BOO !!

Obscenities are screeched, that she can hardly pronounce!


Her body go\'s weak from the shock

She can hardly catch her breath

Constant BOOing will no doubt

Be the cause, of her untimely death


The young beauty has had to resort

to wearing incontinence pads

Because every time she is BOOed at

She ends up peeing her pants


So a heads up to all of her workmates

If you should find a collapsed girl on the floor

Go grab the resus equipment

And save her please, please, I implore!