Alicia Gail Lightsey


Wherever You lead me I will follow

Wherever You take me I will go

Whatever You tell me I will do

Whatever the price I’ll follow You


I’ll never forget the day You died

I’ll never forget the tears You cried

The words You screamed as they crucified You

Forgive them Father they know not what they do


Whatever the trials that I must face

No matter the distance I’ll run this race

You go before me and You prepare the way

You are the Sunshine that brightens the darkest day


You are my Shepherd and I’m Your sheep

You watch over me when I fall asleep

You pick me up when I tumble down

You make me smile, You erase my frown


You make me so very happy

You are everything I want to be

You are love, peace and harmony

You died on the cross and You set me free


Your stainless blood washed my sins away

You gave Your life at Calvary that day

You give me strength and the ability

To fly like an eagle high and free


You give me joy and You erase my pain

You made the sun and made the rain

You are my Father and You love me so

That’s why where You lead me I Will Follow