My Dog Sees Right Through Me

I\'m sitting here in this dimly
Lit-by-the-Sun humid room
On the verge of tears and nothingness
Feeling surface level
This is better than when you pretended to care
And something about you disgusts me.

I\'ve become this woman quicker than I thought I would
But you don\'t see the changes in me
There\'s a little girl that you are intent on keeping in your shadows
And all I ask is that you move, 
So that the Sun can see what a woman she\'s raised.

I slice through tears, as my dog sees right through me
Why is it that despair can bring out the poetry?

As a Fourth of July firework goes off somewhere in the distance,
I hear it echo through my window
My dog gets up and sits in-between my legs
As if to comfort me from the gunshots
Why can\'t you do the same?