What happened to Jack?

What happened to Jack on that cold March day?

He was stood on the bridge overlooking the bay

One minute he was there and then he was gone

No message or note, no word. None


The town joined forces and

they all rallied round

They dredged the waters, but Jack was not found


There was talk he’d been taken by aliens from space 

Beamed up to the skies in a craft

But the majority of townsfolk thought that a joke and laughed it off as just being daft


After a week of hunting and with no sign of Jack

The searches quietened off and people withdrew

They returned to their loved ones

What happened to Jack? Nobody knew


Hours and days and weeks soon passed

Not a single word nor sight or sound

Jack was still missing

Some say he would never be found 


His disappearance a mystery

He may never come back

Is he dead or just hiding. Unsure?

What happened to Jack?