Ode to My Sister

If I am the night

My sister is the glory in day

Dark blue cannons in her eyes

Armed Loaded Nestled

Beneath dark cliffs

Of foreign lands

[Are my eyes really that foreign to you]

Drift drift drift towards me

My sister

Let us form

Sky and atmosphere

Let us become

A stirring breath

[Your metaphors are shit]

Hands intertwined in ardent delight

Night and day

Splendid collision

Creating electric display

[But at least here we are together]

Seen Felt Abounding

Trumpets of harmony

Stars and clouds

We become one melody

Always Eternal Unfailing

I want to hold you close

[But you let go]

My heart

My home

My memory

[And that’s the problem]

They are you

[That’s all I am]

Past Present Future

Morning Noon Night

We fly

[I’m falling]

Sky is our dominion

Our two hearts beat one


By bond

By birth

[I’m falling]

My sister


[And you don’t care

I need you

My sister

And you don’t care

I am nothing but a poem to you anymore]