Somebody\'s life just shattered to pieces
A perfect vase that crashed onto the floor with the slip of a hand
It just, fell in slow motion it seems,
and it was just an accident
It was a mistake,
and just like life, if you glue peices back together it won\'t be the same

It just won\'t,
because that woman won\'t get her daughter back
That young boy and girl won\'t get their sister back
A man lost the memory of a girl he left,
and he doesn\'t even know she\'s dead right now

So they can try glue and stiches, or therapy and pills
but the cracks and scars will still show through,
because yesterday something precious went missing
A little star has hands reaching and ripping, desperation tearing apart at each other
Just to hold it once more,
before it flickers out

Her classes will be a bit quieter,
the seat she once occupied heavy with emptiness
The house she grew up in will have one less person in it falling asleep at night
Broken pieces of glass on the street are remnants of yesterday\'s tragedy,

and today,
When strangers turn on the news,
they will shake their heads with sadness and then just forget about it
Maybe tonight they will hug their children just a little bit tighter at bed times
Goodnight kisses last a little longer tonight

Tomorrow everything goes back to normal
They are indestructible and that,
that could never be them

However tomorrow,
It\'ll happen all over again