Flowing In Faith

Tune: Christchurch

(\'Now is eternal life\')


A song of praise to sing

Unto my Lord and King

Spirit, flow free from me

May worship worthy be

Of Him who died and rose again

he the Lord, Saviour for all men


A tune for all seasons

Praise Him, whate\'er reasons

Through night, day, dark, and light

It pleasing in His sight

He is glorified with no pride

And within our hearts does reside


The flow a a river

May meet with lock and weir

Yet current still goes on

Life be in Christ the Son

He Lord of heaven and earth for e\'er

In His providings do we share


Come to me, where I dull

Or heavy in my soul

Lighten the way ahead

You give us daily bread

Spirit, flow to eternity

\'Til day of Rapture sure shall be


Water of life, sparkling

And mankind\'s thirst quenching

Assisted by your grace

We each thing here do face

Matters difficult or easy

Come to us, our Comforter be