Two Pieces of a Puzzle

I look at you and then I look at her. Both complete me.
A part of me lives in you both for living without one is not living at all.
I then look at myself in the mirror. Questioning myself why do i love you both. Why can\'t my heart choose.
I then realize. My heart is split. My heart are two pieces of this puzzle. Two pieces that complete me, the puzzle.
I am nothing but a puzzling person. And no puzzle is complete without every piece. They are both the final pieces yet only one I can have.
How do i choose you may ask? The answer is I don\'t. For I can\'t have both and deserve neither.
For all the pain is one sided. For one hurts me and breaks me while the other loves me for me yet I hurt her.
Emotionally and mentally broken from one while the other patches my wounds and loves me. Deceived by ones lies I still love her. As she loves another. Doesn\'t love me yet I still love her.
As the other. She looks at me with eyes and a smile that you get from a puppy getting a treat. Looks st me as if I enchant her.
Now I sit here once more puzzled and broken again. For both pieces must be gone. For I will be the I\'m the unfinished, and untouched puzzle.