Its Raskolnikov

Day After Tomorrow

Smells of sweet ecstasy,

Flying in the air,

Dreams of all the festivity,

Fingers running through my hair,

It seems to remind me of a time that used to be, 

A smile that has promised,

A laugh that always sings to me,

A powerful incarnation

of a love with no expectations,

And I think of her in need of restorations,


Day by day, yet it seems year by year,

A memory stirs,

A memory of a time to be achieved,

A heart I have seen,

A vision to be believed,

When the bells call me at the aisle,

I will be there so my love can be received,


After I\'ve seen what I\'ve seen,

Done what I\'ve done,

I still can\'t help but dream the dream,

There is a person who needs to know how much they mean to me,


For now I still feel sorrow,

But I still hold onto those fond memories,

We are each others\' destiny, 

And there\'s her hand I\'ll need to borrow,

All in the day after tomorrow,