Love is strength

As I am walking
I can see
The darkness
It is following me

I act unafraid
I act uncaring
Once it touches me
It is too much bearing

Take it out
and rip it apart
It is too late
It is in my heart

You have cried
You have bled
I wonder
Why have you fled?

You see me walking
As you depart
Now it is time,
For it to start

I see it running,
I see it mocking
It will always
Be stalking

I tear apart
Blood and bone.
It won\'t leave
It has been shown

I will wait
For that dear feeling
Of your hand
As I am kneeling.

I am frail
I am broken
\"I will never be good
The darkness has spoken

I\'m on my knees
Broken and tired
You sit and stare
Always admired

I cast it out
I pull and I tear
The feeling is good
Beyond compare

I break free
I fly and I arise
I kiss your cheek
I am done with my cries

I hold you close
I can not believe
That you are in my arms
I will never have you leave

I kiss your lips
And hold you tight
Now you can see
It is all light

Take this ring
Agree to be mine
With you here
I will forever shine

I walk on a path
Of darkness and fear
But with you here
The light holds me dear