emotional girl

Act Of Perfection

As time passes new thoughts form in my head

what and who I once was is now dead

I try to change but I am mislead


By the words and actions people do and say

yet I still give them my heart knowing it would get played

I don\'t understand why I still chose to stay

I don\'t understand why I keep giving my heart away


What once was a glowing heart

is now broken and falling apart

because of the cruel things people chose to say

and because I took in all in, it the reason I am now this way


I can\'t keep up this act of perfection

I see it\'s all a lie when I look at my reflection

it hurts to force a smile and fight back tears

but I guess I have gotten used to it from all of these years


I try to be strong and who you want me to be

but I am not the strong little girl that you expect to see

it\'s all a lie I have depicted in your head

because the strong fighting me is almost dead