By Your Bedside

Through sickness,

and in health,

I always loved you.

I might not have been,

the perfect husband,

but I always loved you.

I loved you,

the best way I knew how.

When you were sick,

and spent five days,

in the emergency room,

I was there every day.

I stayed there,

from morning until evening.

I would hold your hand for hours.

I would kiss your wrist.

When you were in,

intensive care,

it was I who brought you food.

When we arrived,

back at your parents place,

I carried you inside to your room,

because you were to weak.

Now I roll my eyes and sigh,

because now I try to forget you.

I try to pretend,

that I was not married to you,

and no matter how I try,

I cannot forget.

I tell myself,

that I do not love you anymore,

and I do.

I try my hardest,

to put you out of my mind,

and I can\'t.

Maybe it is because,

I take vows to mean something serious.

I mean them from my heart.

I do not know.

If I marry again,

I will again, mean every vow I take,

and yet you will always take up,

the tiniest piece of my heart.