Refreshing Remedy

Tune: Mannheim

(\'Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us\')


Lead us Lord, through every season

Through all life\'s rhyme and reason

See our hearts, our state, our being

Your graces still to us bring

Weak and weary, lost without you

But in you we made anew


Heal our land where arid and parched

And where troubles overarched

Pour the dew, rain of your blessing

Satiate thirst of each thing

Yet too sun for light, warmth, and heat

We worship here at your feet


Green grass dries, green, colour of grace

Look still on us, Lord, your face

Turn not from us, come to our aid

You our ransom price have paid

Giving grace to persevere on

For before us you have gone


Trod this earth, human life sharing

The divine too did you bring

Not aloof, distant, uncaring

But understanding each thing

Guide us, by your Spirit showing

More of Christ, our Lord and King


Where we dry, dusty, enliven

With your presence  us e\'en then

Cool balm, healing, sensitively

You to each Comforter be

So on through each night and day we

Share your love, life constantly