The Propagation Of Hate

Malignant gangrenous political cancer

corrupts, festers, and poisons United States,

thus opposition cannot wait,

especially since Gospel in accordance

with feeble minded Donald Trump

implemented wrought ugly trait,

particularly obliteration, sans progressive

human rights legislation

more or less pronounced positive

in every L ionized Nittany or cotton bowl state

and ratiocination inherent within

mine Democrat oriented mind doth rate

this forty fifth president (defect)

with sawdust packing

his noodle oven egotistical pate

trophy wife (spouse number three),

a Slovenia mate

donning \"I don\'t care anymore\"

t-shirt rousing media firestorm of late

essentially silently corroborating,

fostering, and illuminating hate

mutely bolstering the Trump anthem,

viz make America great

again, which pathless,

pithless, and pointless aim

roars like an earsplitting runaway freight

train oblivious of wailing soul asylum,

that no era meets said criteria

backtracking time machine before

rightful indigenous occupants of this land

got decimated as one after another

exploiter did inundate

(comprising a multitude

of indigenous variety of village people

indignantly subjected to Genocide,

when first \"discoverer\"

of new land didst promulgate

activation wrought deliberate sealed fate

vis a vis capitulation, demolition,

and extirpation, cuz

a scathing rebuke aye attest,

those murderers didst equate

worthlessness of

so called \"Indians\" on 1492 date,

and still remnants of storied tribes,

now attempt to create

historical documentation operate

ting with limited resources to adjudicate.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Food methinks doth buzzfeed drumbeat agog

at pyrotechnics July 4th, 2018 shared as blog

posts, a falsehood prevails which dog

gone “FAKE” brewed watered down grog

posits that the majority of Colonialists stay hog

tied to strict task masters, and mainly the scant

upperclass experienced autonomy,

no matter the under class didst futilely rant

and rave with the occasional

uprisings over time did grant

minimal appeasement to stifle violent kant!