Antediluvian When Facing Forwards


It was anything but halting, guided by a trick,

Instinctively disgustingly self-deprecating;

Last July’s shadows offer a new view,

A bloodworm begging to be a saviour


Opposing itself as evil;

Here we hurdle infinity,

A neon bird cage ever -

Never - Moving;…


It’s all the same!..


Reality is creating the possibility of discovering love,

The active form we attach ourselves to;

Although, only a word, powder

For the stepping stones of laughter;


The 12th ladder of resurrection weaves roots from memory

And we can only return to ourselves, the first father

(Aren’t all senses twice as young, forever rising?)

Which in reality is the pathetically opposing agenda;


It’s all the same!..


Forever blackening out, forced to be involved in the scene

We strengthen as we breathe, a culling forever obscene,

Ratio dissolving, merging, causing intimacy to embody

Potentialities of infinities, externalizing permanency as reality;


Weather is controlled from the top right half of my heart,

Pioneering wind, rediscovered power of a dying mother,

The dry tide slowly arrives, heckling, trimmed with wires,

Knotting the heart of a jester jutting action, the only investment in resurrection;


He stares at himself,



“It’s all the same!..”


Reality creating the possibility of discovering love…