The Climb

5 years ago,

For the first time

We said hello

Since then, its been a treacherous climb.


With the wind forcibly blowing in our faces

And the cold biting weather.

At times we never thought we\'d reach these places

But finally we did, together.


Holding hands through it all,

We never let this ordeal halt us from climbing higher.

Always there to catch each other when we fall

To make sure we never hit the fire.


At the peak,

The sunset slowly rises.

As our time ends, we pray our future isn\'t bleak

Gazing back to where we began, everybody realises...


It\'s time to say goodbye,

Our memories etched into the skyline.

Now is our chance to jump and fly,

I know we will all shine.


I wish we could start again from when we first met.

This is a climb I will never forget.