*I JUST CAN\'T...*

I can\'t say goodbye!!

I just can\'t bring myself to do it.

I don\'t know if i ever will be.

What little bits i have left of you are

All of me.

All i know.

And if i let you go, then i fear the stuff i will see.

I fear that i will be empty.

That i won\'t feel your courage and Hope guiding me.

I won\'t feel you next to me.


Don\'t you understand!

That withought you i am doomed

Standing in quicksand, with no help...

No way out.

However much i scream and shout.

So Please Forgive me Mum for keeping hold of you...

As just the thought of letting you go...

Letting go of my memories of you...

Are/is the last thing on this earth i would willingly do.