What do you see when you look at me? 

Does my age say immaturity? 

Do you see a life that is free? 

Do I have Independence or show vulnerability? 

No education or a bachelor’s degree? 

Homo or heterosexuality?

Do I drink coffee or tea? 

Does my face show pure honesty? 

Do I deceive like a mystery?

What do you see when you look at me? 

Do I have the opportunity to be who I want to be?

Do I fit the stereotypical imagery? 

Do you think I could swim in the sea? 

Go on adventures and climb a big tree?

What do you see when you look at me? 

Do I satisfy the needs of society? 

Am I an example of reality? 

Because I’m more me then me could be. 

But am I free?

You see,

 Stereotypes are HARSH. 

They hurt the mind and they scar the heart. 

They segregate people, pushing the world apart. 

It’s ending before it even got to start. 

Pre-judgment isn’t right. 

It forces people to face battles they cannot fight. 

Focusing on the most irrelevant things in sight. 

Like if your skin is black or white.

We make assumptions if you’re not academically bright. 

We focus too much on what people look like. 

We all pre-judge and we stereotype

Its just not right. 

Why do we have opinions on individuality?

Why care so much about peoples sexuality? 

Their Physicality, 

With not enough care towards peoples personality. 

What do you see when you look at me? 

All that you see when you look is \'somebody\'.

Limited in a world that limits hospitality. 

pre-judgement is our worlds speciality. 

Just imagine. 

Imagine if it wasn’t and people didn’t care. 

About who you loved, or what you choose to wear. 

Imagine the freedom and the happiness provided. 

To world that wasn’t segregated or divided. 

Imagine the love flowing through every season.  

Being who you want without an explanation or reason. 

I like to imagine the world as though it’s one of a kind

Is a world with a whole hearted mind that hard to find?