the park

7/15/18 1:16AM


i had a dream of a beach

covered in the plastic sheen of cellophane

and the beach goers who stamped

fresh by stickers on its skin

to make sure it didn’t rot in the fridge


the gulls were all robots with waterproof feathers

and none of the fledglings ever drowned

they just rusted into the railing on a boardwalk made of toes


there are too many people here and the grass is all dead

they’d rather see weeds than the earth below


i saw an old man shit on a sidewalk and his dog picked it up in a plastic bag, and just left it back on the lawn so that it couldn’t decompose properly


the whiskey sour sky malted into a forty as the degenerate

royalty made their march


behold, i am king degenerate on my carriage of trash


streaming capes of harsh cigarette smoke


just waiting to get drunk


the lunch crowd that pours in for their slop all wear polos

and some have captains hats

though their yachts always stay moored

no drinking and boating, they say

they usually just pick one


the workers here all scowl

and twist with derision

when some happy soul flys by directly into a bollard

who knew such a lovely place could burn so much paper


if you see me sweeping a windy chimney

wave hello as i drive by

i’ll give you a peace sign as i reverse directly into a pole